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Supply furniture zimu screws, hutch ark to put the screw, assembly screws

Item description: furniture screw, and name meters "roll mat equipped with screws (brought SYFS)
Size: for 14 * 8 (M6) * 29 material: the A3 iron
Surface treatment: the electroless nickel plating, plating copper, bronze, plated with green red bronze, etc
USES: furniture, cabinets, set screw with.

1, head for 14, stem diameter diameter of 8 MM (collectively referred to in the M6 teeth grains), actually have the 7.8 MM and 7.4 MM two types of specifications.
2, furniture M6 nut with m "screw: M6 * 10-14 MM
3, production specifications: teeth lines within M4-M8MM can be customized.
Post Time:2018-06-14